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Hammersmith Studio is Paloma Martín, a jeweler based in Madrid, Spain.


I create modern heirlooms inspired by traditional crafts in my studio, where I model jewelry pieces from beginning to end in the most sustainable way possible as I believe that is the only way for crafts.

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Sustainability & craft

Every piece is made to order, meaning that there is now leftover stock and no waste is created at the end of each season. This also means that each piece is unique and different, having been handcrafted from beginning to end.

All the suppliers I use (wax casting, plating, tools & materials) are located within central Madrid, supporting local traditional businesses and reducing long-distance transportation impact.

Any gems or stones have been ethically sourced, either by buying them vintage (like the pearls) or bought through gemologists that can guarantee responsible mining and traceability.

Once they are finished and ready to ship, the jewels are packed in a hand made fabric pouch within a recycled cardboard box. All my packaging materials are reusable and recyclable, and I am always looking for ways to reduce the waste in these as much as possible.

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